About Us

Creating Programs for Beautiful Creatures

Rhino Workshop was created by Flipper in 2019 to merge his love of rhinos and hobby of making really crazy cool games and programs. Below are some of the programs we are familiar with. Half of the profits made from these games and programs go to protecting rhinos and all other creatures on this planet under threat of extinction. In 2007, thirteen rhinos were killed by poachers. By 2014, the yearly total reached a staggering 1,215. The numbers have come down slightly but there is much more work to do. So enjoy some crazy good games that do some good in this world. Or if you don’t see anything you like but still want to help, hit that donate button to see the organizations we support. Be a difference in this world, we are all worth it.



These are some of our favorite tools to be creative with. They are all great products worthy of a shout out. If you are interested in becoming digitally creative, be sure to try out these awesome tools. Some are free, some are not, but without them, we couldn’t do what we do.

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