The war with poachers and sport hunters continues.

Someone driving a species to extinction because they believe rhino horn contains a magical medicinal property or find that killing an animal is entertainment under the name “sport” is just grossly inhumane.

Rhino horn is nothing more than keratin. It is the exact same proteins that make up your hair and nails. Keratin from rhino horns have never been proven to contain any medical benefits ever. Today it is worth more than its weight in gold and sold on the black market as a cure to everything from cancer to a common hangover. None of which has any scientific evidence of truth.

Video by: Extinction Blog

The high cost of rhino horn is driving many desperate men to commit horrible acts against the rhino population. Driving their population to the brink of extinction and some species of rhino completely off the map. These desperate poachers even raided a rhino orphanage and a zoo in 2017 killing many. While it may look like the numbers are starting dropping each year, consider the fact that the population numbers are at critical levels and that is still two deaths a day. This is something that must be stopped. These beautiful herbivores need to be protected to ensure their future. This is where you come in. You can help stop the genocide. Buy some of our cool games and we’ll donate a portion for you or donate directly to an endangered species organization. Below is a Donate Button which will show you which organizations we give to. Or do both.

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